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How to succeed in Relationships

Many a times people ask different questions related to relationships. They are interested in physiology relating to what people are attracted to, how to tell whether they are attracted to a person and a little on maintaining a relationship. Also what are the best ways of interacting with others to make them and yourself feel comfortable. Something with relatively sharp statements like “Often people will quickly raise their eyebrows when first looking at someone they are attracted to.” or “It takes 7 weeks for someone to lose an emotional attachment to a person.” or something that discusses those quick flashes of distress people may have in their face when there lying.

Before you begin actually working on your relationship, you need to start by understanding relationships in general. In working with many couples over the years, experts have come to recognize common themes that run through both the successful and difficult relationships. There are four important factors in a good relationship – Feeling accepted, Feeling as though your partner has influence over you, Not telling your partner something she already knows, Keeping judgments about the other person’s issues or problems to a minimum.

A couple doesn’t really know how strong a relationship is until they deal with the challenges that life brings. Whether it is starting a new job, unemployment or the unfortunate occurrence of an accident or family illness, we all face challenges in life. The Challenge Stage lets the partners know what they can expect from each other during these demanding times.

The friends relationship

Lets take an example of Best friend relationship. What is expected out of it? It shouldn’t be so casual as to make a list of qualities that a best freind had to have. A best freind is very very special all that’s important is that you both really enjoy each others company. It is not uncommon for a growing person and their bestest dearest friend to drift apart as you both will change as you get older, interests change and you each go down yor own separate path of life. Don’t sweat it. Understanding, compassion, empathy, passion, listening, communicating, loving, etc are some other traits we look for while looking for a best friend.

Some tips to carry the relationship

First figure what your fears are. Are you afraid of getting involved with someone seriously, in fear of getting dumped in the long run? Or has a past relationship damaged your image of love; due to the pain it caused you? These are all understandable fears and almost everyone has them, but you should not let these fears stop you from moving on or being happy. You need to rebuild confidence in yourself and others. Other examples would be fear of not being good enough and fear of missing out on other adventures. Whatever your fear may be, you must trap that fear, find out the causes and then work on a solution on how to conquer them.

Some tips to remember for relationships

You will probably not know your soulmate right away.

Relationships rarely look like romantic movies or books.

It takes years to really get to know someone.

Great relationships are completely worth the effort.

In spite of lots of bad relationships, a great relationship is possible.

A relationship is like a living being – it needs love, caring, space, etc.

You don’t have to do your relationships the way your parents did theirs.

You can only have a great relationship when you don’t need one.

There is no such thing as boredom in a relationship. There may be anger, resentment, shut down, but never boredom.

Liking sex with someone does not mean you will like a relationship with them.


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